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We create games and creative training solutions to empower your employees in navigating emerging challenges in responsible AI and ethical data governance.

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Partner with us to design creative solutions for your enterprise that enhance your team's awareness of emerging compliance risks through interactive games and workshops.

Beginner to advance Level

Virtual or Physical Games & Workshops (60-120 minutes)

Responsible AI / Ethical Data Management / Privacy Engineering / Privacy Program Fundamentals

For managers, GRC, legal, marketing, IT, HR


Gamified Compliance Learning Solutions for Enterprises 

Our gamified workshops and on-demand games helps you create and improve the awareness of your employees in a way that is memorable, engaging, and effective. Effortlessly upskill your employees with games and training focused on responsible AI and data protection equipping them to tackle emerging compliance risks.

Who can benefit from our creative compliance training solutions?

Our creative compliance training solutions are ideal for enterprises looking to streamline effective compliance training. According to Gartner, creating personalized, high-quality compliance training can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. We address this challenge by delivering tailored content through immersive events and engaging group games.

For Managers

Experience firsthand how management decisions influence user trust and meet business needs through a resource management-style game designed for managers, highlighting the crucial benefits of investing in compliance programs.

For GRC / Legal Teams

We offer specialized games tailored for GRC and legal teams, bridging the gap between legal and technology through practical skill-building with real-life scenarios and case studies.

For Employee Awareness

Bring your teams together for some friendly competition and unforgettable learning experiences, all while mastering the fundamentals of compliance programs.

Empower your team to become compliance champions!

A game for privacy advocates/champions to understand the business, customer, and data tradeoffs of various privacy protection mechanisms. In this game, players engage in short scenarios to learn how to spot and mitigate compliance risks across different processing activities.

A fun way to teach your employees about fundamentals of privacy compliance

As a Silicon Valley startup privacy officer, managing privacy compliance challenges is a daily task. The DPO Simulator game helps employees navigate these complexities, demonstrating the significant impact of minor actions on privacy compliance.

Friendly competition for your employees to get ready for the AI revolution

Players are divided into two factions: AI Apocalypse and AI Fundamentalists. In this epic clash, they tackle challenges and master the essentials of AI literacy. From key concepts and structures to data handling and model training, this foundational episode on AI literacy for machine learning sets the stage for their ultimate showdown.

Gamified Compliance Learning for Enterprises

At Compliance Detective, we turn responsible AI and data privacy training into memorable, engaging experiences. Our approach helps employees understand the real benefits of privacy, fostering a culture of compliance that protects your enterprise from hefty fines and scandals.


From 1000+ professionals

Explore our Compliance Games Platform designed for non-technical roles such as GRC, legal, and privacy professionals as a playground

We offer a platform featuring bite-sized games and challenges that provide continuous learning opportunities to upskill your team and address emerging AI governance and data protection compliance risks.

(formerly "PrivacyQuest!)

Intermediate to advanced Level

10+ hours of content

Responsible AI / Privacy Engineering / Privacy Program Management

3K+ Learners Enrolled


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Your Gamified Responsible AI & Data Protection Learning Platform

Compliance Detective helps you enhance your AI literacy, data protection, and responsible AI knowledge. Think of us as the Duolingo for data compliance—an engaging and interactive way to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of technology and regulation.

  • On-Demand Games Catalogue
On-Demand Games Catalogue
AI Literacy

Episode - 5min

AI/ML Lifecycle Risks
Responsible AI

Episode - 5min

OECD AI Classification
AI Literacy

Episode - 5min

Model Fundamentals in AI/ML
Privacy Engineering

Episode - 50min

Privacy Threat Modeling
Data Protection

Episode - 30min

Data Mapping
Data Protection

Episode - 30min

Data Transfers

What industry leaders are saying about us

A new immersive learning experience that makes mastering new compliance skills enjoyable and engaging. Embark on a continuous learning journey as you tackle the thought-provoking compliance scenarios that elevate your employees compliance muscles.

 As you delve into the intricacies of compliance through Quests, you will develop a deep understanding of concepts such as AI literacy, data protection, threat modeling and risk mitigation. This platform equips you with the practical skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of privacy and responsible AI, providing a platform for continuous learning and growth.

Debra Farber

Shifting Privacy Left Media


Master Responsible AI and Data Protection with Hands-On Training

Unlock the power of interactive training to ensure your employees are proficient in AI literacy, data protection and responsible AI. Our gamified trainings provide practical experience, enabling your team to tackle real-world challenges with confidence and expertise.

Real-World Scenarios

Engage with practical exercises that mirror actual responsible AI and data protection challenges.

Skill Development

Move beyond theory with hands-on experience in AI literacy, responsible AI and data protection.

Continuous Learning

Stay ahead of evolving regulations and technological advancements with up-to-date training modules.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Compliance Detective's training solutions different from traditional compliance training?

At Compliance Detective, we believe that every organization using data should provide transparency and accountability in technology. We are passionate about creating the most out-of-the-box solutions, including first-of-its-kind compliance games, gamified workshops, and Compliance Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions around the globe.
Our training solutions are gamified and interactive, transforming responsible AI and data privacy training into engaging and memorable experiences. Unlike traditional compliance training, our approach helps employees truly understand the benefits of privacy and ethical data management, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Can the training be customized to fit our specific needs and industry regulations?

Absolutely! Our training modules can be tailored to address the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of your industry. We work closely with your team to ensure that the content is relevant and impactful, providing a personalized learning experience that meets your compliance goals.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your training programs?

We use a combination of assessments, feedback surveys, and analytics to measure the effectiveness of our training programs. These tools help us track employee progress, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that the training is achieving its intended outcomes. Our goal is to provide actionable insights that drive continuous improvement in your compliance efforts.

What topics are covered in your games & awareness events?

We position ourselves on the cutting edge with our "creative compliance framework" and top-tier creative training content.
Our training content cover a wide range of topics, including responsible AI, data privacy and protection, ethical data management, and more. Each module is designed to address critical compliance issues and equip employees with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

TL;DR What’s in it for me, why should I invest my time in Compliance Detective?

By fostering a deep understanding of responsible AI and data privacy through engaging and memorable training, we help build a strong compliance culture within your organization. This proactive approach reduces the risk of non-compliance, protects your enterprise from hefty fines, and helps prevent potential AI or privacy-related scandals.

Play. Learn. Comply.

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